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Vandemoortele Centre for Lipid Science and Technology currently led by Prof. Ashok R. Patel was established in April 2012 as a result of a scientific collaboration between Vandemoortele Lipids N.V. and Laboratory of Food Technology & Engineering (headed by Prof. Koen Dewettinck). The main goal of the centre is to generate fundamental understanding of edible soft matter systems such as emulsions, structured oil etc. in order to facilitate future development of lipid-based healthy food products with acceptable texture, mouthfeel and taste attributes.

Overview of projects


Fumed silica-based oil gels and bigels presented at Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting of American Chemical Society held in Riverdale, USA


Wednesday, 15th June 2016


Current state-of-the-art on edible oil structuring presented at ICFP, Bangkok, Thailand

Wednesday, 15th June 2016


Technical article on wax-based oleogels is now published in May issue of Inform magazine.

Saturday, 21st May 2016


Of all the structuring agents explored so far, natural waxes can be regarded to be the most promising oleogelators owing to their efficient oil gelling functionality (effective at concentrations as low as 0.5 %wt), natural origins (food-approved status) and ease of availability (most of these are agricultural and industrial by-products). Moreover, gels formed using waxes have interesting properties such as themoreversibility and emulsion stabilization, which further justifies their popularity as oleogelators for vegetable oils...

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Results on mono and mixed component oleogels prepared using structuring agents such as waxes, proteins and monoglyceride:phytosterols were presented at AOCS-2016.

Saturday, 21st May 2016


Research on exploring the feasibility of using wax-based oleogels as co-structurant in confectionery fillings is now published in Eur. J. Lipid Sci. Tech.

Wednesday, 6th Apr 2016


Food-grade Beeswax oleogels were used in search of a novel alternative to Palm oil in hazelnut filling.


Results on rheological behavior of wax-based oleogels were presented at MRS Spring Meeting, Phoenix, USA

Monday, 4th Apr 2016


This article gives an overview on how modern margarine and fat spreads can contribute towards reaching the dietary guidelines relating to fat intake.

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Update on Marie Curie CIG project SAT-FAT-FREE was presented at MCAA General Assembly meeting in Venice, Italy

Tuesday, 8th Mar 2016



Recent results related to wax-based oleogels and polymer oleogels from particle-stabilized emulsions templates were discussed at Food Structure and Functionaility Forum Symposium-2016 in Singapore

Friday, 4th Mar 2016



Review on 'The contribution of modern margarine and fat spreads to dietary fat intake' is now published in Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety

Tuesday, 1st Mar 2016


This article gives an overview on how modern margarine and fat spreads can contribute towards reaching the dietary guidelines relating to fat intake.



Review on 'Food-grade particle for emulsion stabilization' is now published in Trends in Food Science and Technology

Monday, 29th Feb 2016


The promising field of particle-stabilized emulsion is discussed in this review with respect to potential applications in foods.



Wax-based oil structuring and complex food emulsions at 'Food Texture' course in Lille, France

Monday, 7th Dec 2015


Recent research in the area of wax-based oleogels and complex food emulsions were discussed by Dr. Patel at 3rd Practical Short Course on 'Food Texture Technology' held in Lille, France (30 Nov-1 Dec).



Research on comparative evaluation of structured oil systems featured on the cover of European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology

Thursday, 19th Nov 2015


Topics related to complex food emulsions and oil structuring were presented at 13th EuroFedLipid in Florence

Sunday, 3rd Oct 2015


A lecture on 'complex food emulsions' was given as a part of short practical course on Emulsion Technology organized in association with EFL 2015. Monocomponent (waxes) oleogels and mixed component (MAG:PS) oleogels were also discussed in the physical chemistry session of EFL 2015.


Review on edible oil structuring is now published in RSC journal- Food & Function

Friday, 1st Oct 2015


The review gives an overview and recent updates in the area of edible oil structuring. 


SpringerBrief on Oil structuring 

Thursday, 25th June, 2015


Book on "Alternative routes to oil structuring" has been published as a part of SpringerBriefs on food, health and nutrition.

Oil structuring at Tech Connect 2015

Wednesday, 24th June, 2015


Dr. Patel gave an invited lecture on oil structuring at recently held Tech Connect World Innovation Conference in Washington DC. 


A recent update on crystallization in presence of minor components, shear and presence of interfaces is published in Curr Opin Food Sci.

Thursday, 11th June, 2015





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