MYCOLAB offers general and customized mycological services to companies in the food and feed industry who encounter problems with moulds in their products and environments.


The services offered by MYCOLAB are extensive as it is privy to a substantial array of investigative resources within the Food2Know and MYTOX networks of Ghent University. The primary services are listed below:

  • Isolation and identification (up to species level) of moulds from foods, feed, and processing environments.
  • Culture deposit: from which isolates can be requested or deposited by companies. The culture collection consists of a public and private section. Companies, institutions or individuals depositing isolates to the public section are charged a yearly maintenance fee whilst no fee is charged to those who deposit their isolates in the public section of the culture collection.
  • Challenge and shelf-life tests.
  • Contract research. These are either short (typically bilateral) and long term projects (bilateral and collective).
  • Evaluation of growth, spoilage and/or mycotoxin production of moulds.
  • Literature studies.
  • Advice on cleaning and disinfection, and general and personnel hygiene.
  • Bioassays for fungicides and fungistatic compounds
  • Educational (training) services.


Department of Food Safety and Food Quality
Faculty of Bioscience Engineering


Campus Schoonmeersen, Gebouw C
Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1
B-9000 Ghent

Phone numbers

Tel. : +32 9 248 88 71
Fax. : +32 9 242 42 79
VAT : BE 248.015.142

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